The books as listed below belong to different genres. "The Himalayan Shepherd" is a short bed time story for kids; "Real World Applications of Ind. Engg." is technical book aimed at Engineering students specifically the Ind.Engineers and "Sásta Café" is a novel in dealing with the big bad corporate world and its dark secrets.

The Himalayan Shepherd


The Himalayan Shepherd family migrates to the lower grasslands in the winter season for grazing sheep and live a life of vagabond for the entire season. Then begin a life where each day brings new challenges and the dangers of being one with nature, the tussle between the ancestral beliefs and the new age of comfort and a life of dignity.




Real World Application of Industrial Engineering vol.1

ISBN-13: 978-1495428104

This book is targeted at professionals and students who have background knowledge of Industrial Engineering concepts or are pursuing studies in Industrial Engineering. Therefore it is expected that those who are referring to the real world problems and solutions provided in this book are well versed in basic mathematics, science and I.E. concepts. The examples provided in this book are the ones on which I have worked individually or in teams to arrive at a solution in various companies I have worked so far. The solutions provided may not be the best but are the ones that were workable within applicable cost, quality and time constraints. Therefore don’t limit your thought process and if need be try to view the same problem from your own perspective to arrive at a different alternative for the problem at hand.



Sásta Café

ISBN-13: 978-1496052162

Someone who always believed that the only way to progress in one's career is through hardwork, has all his beliefs fall flat on the floor when he sees mediocrity, high class mannerisms and heavy management jargon being rewarded over talent and skill.


All of this makes Neil to know or atleast pretend to know things like different flavors of coffee, status of the club football league, book rounds of golf at the local resorts and undergo spa treatments, all of which he otherwise wouldn't have opted for.


Will he be able to resolve the conundrum of reaching higher echelons of an organization or just be another employee on the company's pink list? Read this satirical yet humorous novel to know more.